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Cash aid:

Governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can make cash donations to the following bank accounts, opened by the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and Turkish Red Crescent, in order to contribute to the services Turkey provides to the Syrian nationals, who are under temporary protection:

AFAD bank accounts can be accessed at:

Turkish Red Crescent bank accounts can be accessed at:

These donations, as well as being made on an unconditional basis, can also be made conditional in order to provide a particular service or to construct the entire or a certain part (school, health center) of the temporary accommodation centers set up for Syrians. If the donation will be made on conditional basis, it is important to get confirmation from the institution, which will receive the donation (AFAD or the Turkish Red Crescent), as to whether the condition requirements can be met or not. AFAD and the Turkish Red Crescent can certify that the donation has been used in compliance with the condition specified.

In-kind aid:

In-kind aid of governments, international organizations and NGOs to the temporary accommodation centers in Turkey or relating to the zero-point aid operation, carried out by the Turkish Red Crescent for the cross-border area, can be transferred to the following destination points, where customs transactions are finalized by Turkey;

- For those to be transferred via airline: Adana Şakirpaşa Airport and Gaziantep Airport,

- For those to be transferred by sea: The Port of Mersin,

- For those to be transferred via highway: Gaziantep Airport Customs Office or Gaziantep Customs Office for TRUCKS.

If the humanitarian aid materials are supplied from Turkey, they can also be delivered directly to the temporary shelters or Aid Centres, established for zero-point aid donations. Even though donors are not allowed to be present during the distribution of aid supplies in the camps, it is possible to put the donor's logo on the materials.

AFAD or the Turkish Red Crescent require the following to accept in-kind aid:

- Aid material should meet the qualifications of quality, shelf life, etc.,

- Application to the Ministry, AFAD or the Turkish Red Crescent in order to take a prior approval from the above-mentioned institutions by attaching a list of aid materials ,

- The customs documents of the materials should bear the note that they have been sent to the Provincial Directorates of Disaster and Emergency (AFAD) in Adana, Gaziantep, Mersin or the Turkish Red Crescent,

The following documents relating to the in-kind aid, set out to destination points after the approval, should be sent in advance to the Ministry for the customs procedures. If these documents are not received in advance, delays in customs procedures may occur (The sender is responsible for delays in customs procedures and for any fees that may occur).

- Detailed material list (if it contains drug and food ingredients, expiry date should also be noted and have a shelf life of at least 6 months),

-If the material is sent by airplane, airway bill; if it is sent by highway, TIR carnet; if it is sent by sea; consignment note (the recipient should be specified as the Turkish Red Crescent or AFAD),

- Health certificates for food supplies,

- Bills of aid material or donation vouchers showing the value of the materials,

It is not possible to receive the following in-kind aid which is

- sent to Turkey without taking prior approval (fait accompli),

- subject to a shelf life which s expired or will expire within 6 months,

- used,

- sent without any document although the customs requires special certificates, etc.

In order to complete the customs procedures of medical aid materials, the Provincial Health Directorate must issue an approval for import appropriateness. This rule also applies to the materials to be transferred to Syria from the zero point. The necessary arrangements for this procedure is carried out by the officials of AFAD or the Turkish Red Crescent.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey only monitors the transfer of aid materials to AFAD or to the Turkish Red Crescent. The transit of humanitarian aid not donated to the relevant institutions and aimed to be delivered directly to the recipient is subject to current customs legislation; therefore, requests relating to this issue should not be forwarded to the Ministry and other relevant institutions.

“Shipping Instructions”, prepared in Turkish and English by the Turkish Red Crescent, relating to the humanitarian aid to be sent to Syrians staying in accommodation centers in Turkey and the humanitarian aid to be sent to Syria through Turkey in the scope of the zero-point operations, is enclosed.


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