Statement of the Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan

Bern Büyükelçiliği 28.02.2015

"Dear Friends,

We have come to a significant phase in the resolution process.

Yesterday, the HDP (People’s Democratic Party) delegation went to Imrali and held a meeting. We had already comprehensively discussed all the aspects of the current phase at the Resolution Process Committee meeting chaired by our Prime Minister.

We attribute importance to the statement concerning the speeding up the work towards disarmament, ensuring genuine inactivity and promoting democratic politics as a method.

For 12 years, we, the ruling AK Party, have taken silent and yet revolutionary steps to end the bloodshed and prevent mothers from shedding any more tears. We have always seen politics as the only way to solve the problems we are faced with.

Democracy has reached the point where it provides the means and capabilities to talk, discuss and resolve all manner of problems.

It is also obvious that all segments of society, political parties and NGOs have to make every effort together to elevate our democracy to higher levels.

Disarmament will accelerate democratic progress.

Some issues have been elaborated on and discussed for a long time. In the future, we must not refrain from talking and further discussing with self-confidence.

In reality, there is nothing left unspoken under the sun. In democracies, it is the ideas, views and policies that receive the support of the people that gain value. With the blessing and support of our people, we are determined to take the process to its final conclusion We view the new constitution as an important opportunity to solve many deep-rooted and chronic problems.

As our President said, implementation is important. The process needs to take shape and it is important to see concrete developments.

Within this framework, a genuine, positive and determined ownership of the process where everyone assumes their fair share of the responsibility would ease the way forward.

Finding democratic solutions to problems creates a unifying and strengthening effect, not a dividing or separating one.

Further improving basic rights and freedoms and preparing a fair and fraternal environment will contribute to our unity and enhance our citizens’ sense of belonging.

A Turkey which leaves her main problems behind can become a regional and global power.

We know that the resolution process is a difficult and complex process which cannot be concluded overnight. However, we believe we will achieve it with sincerity, courage and determination.

As we always say, “Together, we are Turkey” and “Everything is for Turkey”…"


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